Would you wait a decade?

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Would you wait 10+ years on something that you’ve never experienced? Does that sound like an enjoyable journey to you? If you were to ask me 10 years ago, I’d likely say no and look at you with the side eye. However, that is indeed what happened to me. 10 years ago, while still in the pit of depression, anxiety, and trauma I had a vision.

The vision was so vivid and strong that it instantly became real in my mind. I saw myself healing and helping others to do the same. I saw myself walking in freedom and bringing others along with me. I saw a happiness that didn’t really make since given my situation but it was so contagious that it became real in my mind.

I’ve always heard the saying, “write the vision and make it plain”, however I didn’t write this vision down on paper, or a board. I wrote it on the walls of my heart and soul. I wrote it with my pain and tears, I wrote it with my will to survive. You see a piece of paper can be destroyed, but once something has been imprinted on your heart and soul, it is safe from external distraction or destruction. The exact words may fade in your mind, but the essence is forever there.

That vision changed my life. It didn’t change my circumstances in the moment but, it did change me. This road as been long, this road has been tough, but one thing about this road, is that it is well travelled. 10 years later and I am living what I saw in that vision. 10 years later and I am experiencing happiness that I have never seen and or heard of before.

Once I made it to the end of that journey, I received a second vision, not long ago. This vision is bigger, more complexed, and more nuanced than the first. However, because I am stronger now, because I didn’t give up on what I saw, I can walk this next road with confidence knowing that I will see the vision come to fruition in due time.

Sometimes, you have take a moment and realize how far you’ve come, that doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy, but it does mean that you can be confident in knowing that no matter what is thrown your way, you’ve survived before and you will survive and thrive now. It won’t be easy, but it will absolutely be worth it. Keep going, the world needs what you have to offer. So….let’s give the people what they want!

-A survivor SP

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