It’s Not Over

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It’s not over. There is more to come for you. No matter how dark it feels, no matter how lonely you feel, it’s not over. Life happens, and unfortunately some lives are tougher than others. That means, you are tougher than most. Your strength and resilience is beyond measure. There is joy on the other side, as long as you don’t give up.
Don’t let those who have set out to violate and abuse you win. There is more to life than just pain and trauma. There is more to your life, there is more.
I remember not being able to sleep due to paralyzing fear. I remember the anxiety attacks that seemed and sometimes still seem never ending.
I remember the abundance of physically heart breaking pain.
I remember the not stop movement, the smell, the words, I remember it all.
Even after all of that and more, I survived and so will you.
There is life, love, and happiness waiting for you on the other side.
There is protection and peace waiting for you on the other side.
There is freedom waiting for you on the other side.
Although it may not seem like it right now, your voice has meaning. Your thoughts deserve to be heard.
Don’t give up my beautiful strong friend. I am a living testament that it can happen for you, and I am in full agreement that it will in fact happen for you… as long as you don’t give up.
It’s hard to say, and it’s even tougher to do, but you can and you will survive this.
It won’t be easy, it will be the fight of your life, but it can be done.
I can only give you these words in confidence because I have walked, nay, crawled the road you’re on, and somedays I still crawl, but I will never give up and neither should you.
Peace awaits you beloved, freedom awaits you.
One day, it will be yours if you simply keep going.

-SP survivor

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