About Us


"As a survivor of sexual assault, domestic assault, and coerced exploitation, I needed wellness and tranquility to help calm my racing thoughts, overburdened body, and aching soul. I figured, if anyone was going to be able to provide me with what I needed on this earth in the way that I needed it, I was going to have to create it for myself, and that's exactly what I did. Each product is curated, handcrafted, and/or custom made to bring peace and tranquility where it once did not exist." -Shabranae Patton, survivor
Survivor-Philanthropist, wife, and mother, Shabranae Patton has been in the advocacy work of survivors for over a decade. Working with local, national, and global organizations to assist in the aftercare of women and children survivors, she has coupled her passion for organic wellness, coastal design and artistic expression with the purpose of seeing survivors made whole through mentorship, education, and social enterprise.
She is the president and founder of the Anchor’d Inc Foundation and CEO of the Anchor'd Inc Boutique, a premium organic wellness and home accessories boutique that provides post-trauma care packages for newly identified survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence, and human trafficking, to safe homes across the nation. 
She is a member of EAST (Employers Against Sex Trafficking) for the city of Boston and the Massachusetts Attorney Generals Office, as well as a member of the city of Newton Chamber of Commerce.  

As a result of her efforts, she has since been inducted into the 2021 Boston Globes Everyday Hero's class, is now a 2 time Comcast Rise Award Winner, multi National Award winner and has been recognized by notable organizations such as the NAACP, Boston Celtics, BeyGood Foundation, and Lowe's Home Improvement Stores just to name a few. Shabranae has been featured on NBC, and CBS. She has interviewed for countless podcasts and local news articles, and launched her exclusive home collection on Wayfair.com in the Spring of 2021.
Her philanthropy efforts hold one common goal: freedom for women and children who have been abused and violated and are in need freedom, tranquility, and restoration.
As an interior stylist and organic wellness artisan, her passion for tranquility in her home and wellness in her life came from her love of all things water, specifically the ocean. Her need to put her traumatic past behind her for good has fueled her passion for the cause. Shabranae continues to use her coveted ocean trips to push her coastal tranquility passion for the purpose of freedom through strategic corporate partnerships with local and national safe home communities in need of services while embarking on the journey of creating a 40 acre survivor owned and survivor led safe home residential career and education development community along side her husband Myron Patton.